Digital Scratch Cards – The NEW Old Customer Engagement Tool

want A better way to engage customers?

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Engage customers in new ways

Creating engaging and fun scratch card promotions keep your customers coming back for more.

build your contact list faster than ever

People LOVE scratch cards and surprise gifts. Unique ways of interacting makes you stand out!

Have your offers go viral

When your customers have a great time engaging with your brand, they'll share it with friends!

create an asset you can tap into in the future

By building a customer database of happy, engaged customers, you'll be able to market to them over and over.

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More Design Examples (Non-functional)


Every business’s situation is different and we’ve packaged our scratch card package to fit!


Per month

*Plus $397 Set-up

* Ad Budget and Automated Messaging  not included.
Includes UP TO 500 Contacts. 

Frequently asked questions

While we can’t guarantee any results, scratch cards can be an effective marketing platform for virtually any business. Whether you have an online store, a brick and mortar retail shop, or a service business your customers will enjoy interacting with you via scratch cards.

NO! We don’t believe in locking our clients into a marketing program if it’s not generating more revenue than it costs. And if it is, why in the world would you stop doing it???

We typically allow 2 weeks to get your scratch card, landing page, and post/ad designed and live. Once those creatives are completed, you (OR WE) can start sending your customers to your offer. If you have a special deadline coming up that you want to use a scratch card for, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

YOU BET! If you know someone who owns a business and would like to try them out, we’ll pay you a 20% finder’s fee for their first month’s usage (excludes set-up fee).

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